Redmine Setup

Having been annoyed by some of the limitations of trac in the past, I have decided that for an upcoming (sshhh! say nothing!) project, I’d try to use redmine, which seems to be about the same but with less suck.

Unlike trac, which is written in python, redmine uses ruby on rails (How terribly Web two-point-oh!). I checked the 0.7 version of redmine out of their repository and installed a bunch of debian ruby-related packages (ruby, rubygems, rake, rails, libdbd-mysql-ruby, libyaml-ruby), only to find that their version of rails is quite broken. After running `gem install rails -v 2.0.2` things seemed to be going better.

Using apache instead of the built in web server added a few additional kinks. I needed to copy the virtual host config from GettingStartedWithRails (site currently broken, Google cache used). Then, I had to tweak the contents of the redmine directory a bit to get the right script executing. `cp dispatch.cgi.example dispatch.cgi` and then edit .htaccess, taking a pointer from the fastcgi lines, to include `RewriteRule ^(.*)$ dispatch.cgi [QSA,L]`. Perhaps fastcgi will be my next step, as it is really quite slow.