Yaogat Weapon Swap

So that I can have a proper body double for my Lieutenant when playing with a Yaogat link team, I decided to convert my Boarding Shotgun Yaogat to another Combi Rifle one using one of the loose Combis I had left over from Daturazi.

This was my first time using a Jeweler’s saw.

Starting out; Boarding Shotgun Yaogat and some loose Combi Rifles.

Cut off the Boarding Shotgun

Cut the stock off of a Combi Rifle

Of course I pinned it!

Glue it together.

And behold, a second Combi + Panzerfaust Yaogat, perfect for hiding your lieutenant in a link team.

There is a slight seam visible where I performed the operation, but that shouldn’t be a problem once I paint it, since I’m doing pretty dark colors on the guns. This leaves me with a loose Boarding Shotgun half floating around. I’ll probably end up sticking it onto the butt of a MULTI Rifle Suryat to make him into a Vulcan Shotgun trooper.