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Yaogat Weapon Swap

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

So that I can have a proper body double for my Lieutenant when playing with a Yaogat link team, I decided to convert my Boarding Shotgun Yaogat to another Combi Rifle one using one of the loose Combis I had left over from Daturazi.

This was my first time using a Jeweler’s saw.

Starting out; Boarding Shotgun Yaogat and some loose Combi Rifles.

Cut off the Boarding Shotgun

Cut the stock off of a Combi Rifle

Of course I pinned it!

Glue it together.

And behold, a second Combi + Panzerfaust Yaogat, perfect for hiding your lieutenant in a link team.

There is a slight seam visible where I performed the operation, but that shouldn’t be a problem once I paint it, since I’m doing pretty dark colors on the guns. This leaves me with a loose Boarding Shotgun half floating around. I’ll probably end up sticking it onto the butt of a MULTI Rifle Suryat to make him into a Vulcan Shotgun trooper.

More Infinity Models

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

A brief recap of all the models I have painted for Infinity so far. This includes the Vanguards I posted back in January/February, and a number of other models I have done since then. For me, 7 models painted in a year is not half bad! And I may yet get one or two more done before December is done.


After starting on the other models, I decided I liked the look of the slightly darker armor better, and will be using that for everything going forwards. So these guys will always be strangely light-colored compared to everything else. Also, I have re-done their hair to be tinted a bit blue since the last pictures I took.


Not much to say about this trio. They all turned out pretty well.

Zerat Hacker:

This is one of my favorite models in the entire Infinity range. I really enjoyed painting it, and I am very happy with how it turned out.


I decided to paint the EI aspect models with the same black/glowing blue as I’d been doing with the bases. It ties them in in an interesting way, and emphasizes that they are not really of the same stuff as the rest of the army.

Vanguard Infantry 2

Monday, February 13th, 2012

I finished up the second Vanguard model, and I think I did a better job than the first. I had some issues with the varnishing and with the photography, but the model looks pretty good in person.

I did a much more thorough job highlighting the model overall, and I’m quite pleased with how it all came out. I also tried to make the base clearer, with better gradients. The biggest improvement is the face, which I reduced to a blobby mass on the first model. I finally learned just what people are talking about with multiple (really thin) thin layers of paint, so as not to ruin detail. I also toned down the front arc marking a lot from the prior model. It’s probably a little too subdued now, but I’ll fix that by having the highlighting go all the way up to white in the future, as it does for the hexes on the base.

Painted Vanguard Infantry

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

As evidenced in the recent post about painting the store’s Infinity demo kit, I have picked up a new gaming hobby. Last night I finished painting my first figure. As always with a new project, the first model or two serve, in part, as color and technique tests. Whereas my Gators have lots of washing and drybrushing, I decided to try some different techniques for these models. Pretty much everything is done with edge highlighting and shading, hopefully without creating too stark of an effect. I would consider adding more blending to make smoother gradients, but Infinity models have an awful lot of really small details. Additionally, I will try to incorporate a bit of shading into the face of the next model I do. It’s definitely too flat on this one, but multiple screwups were causing the paint layers to get a bit too thick already.

Enough chat, here are some pictures:

From Infinity
From Infinity
From Infinity