Card Kingdom is running a Warmachine/Hordes Journeyman league, and I’m working on my Blindwater Congregation Gatormen again. The official Battlebox-equivalent starting force for this army is: * Bloody Barnabas * Blackhide Wrastler * Ironback Spitter I’ve already painted up my Wrastler and Spitter, but I had never picked up Barnabas. That has been remedied, and… Continue reading Gatorstuff!

Journeyman League Week 1

Games and Stuff is running a Warmachine Journeyman league, and I will be building my Blindwater Congregation Gatorman army. I already own a number of the models I will need, although a few of them are already painted. Here’s the battlebox-equivalent I’ll be using as the core of my force: >Army Name: Calaban Battlebox >Blindwater… Continue reading Journeyman League Week 1

June Painting

After being really busy in May with the move, I got back in the saddle in June and finished off several models. First off, I finished up all the nearly-done Cryx I’d been sitting on: Warwitch Siren From Cryx From Cryx Master Necrotech Mortenebra From Cryx From Cryx From Cryx Deryliss From Cryx Nightmare From… Continue reading June Painting