ICFP 2008 Postmortem (Belated)

Drew, Dion and I participated in the ICFP contest this year. It’s a 72 hour programming contest with something interesting to do every year. This year’s project was based on steering a rover around on Mars. Pregaming ———– On the couple of days before the contest, I set up a trac instance. Not actually what… Continue reading ICFP 2008 Postmortem (Belated)

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Trac Setup

Redmine ended up being a bust due to Debian shipping a version of ruby (1.8.7) that is incompatible with Ruby on Rails. Apparently it doesn’t work above 1.8.6. I am impressed that a language’s flagship application gets broken by a point release and no one seems to have anything to say about it other than… Continue reading Trac Setup

Redmine Setup

Having been annoyed by some of the limitations of trac in the past, I have decided that for an upcoming (sshhh! say nothing!) project, I’d try to use redmine, which seems to be about the same but with less suck. Unlike trac, which is written in python, redmine uses ruby on rails (How terribly Web… Continue reading Redmine Setup