Nuka Cola T-51 Power Armor

I’ve been seeing a lot of positive chatter around the forthcoming Fallout Factions miniatures game, including several folks in a hobby discord I’m in painting up power armor and other Fallout models. We have a large collection of mostly unpainted Fallout stuff from the other minis ruleset, Wasteland Warfare. Fortunately the models are compatible between… Continue reading Nuka Cola T-51 Power Armor


This month’s main painting project was another X-Men member – Beast. I had a couple of false starts on this one; getting the right shades of blue required several repaints. However, I’m quite happy where I ended up. If I’m unhappy about one thing, it’s that the darkest shade of his fur has just a… Continue reading Beast


I’ve finished up my next X-Men model, Gambit. This one was interesting due to his forward-leaning pose. It really limited the surfaces that light strikes, so I mostly ended up putting most of the detail into his coat. I tried a different priming technique this time; I sprayed a highlight of white from a fixed… Continue reading Gambit

2023 Hobby Roundup

I did a quick count of models I’d painted this past year using my phone’s pictures for reference. It’s possible I’ve missed some if I either scrolled past the picture or completed the project without taking a picture, although the latter is fairly rare. I threw it all into a spreadsheet and made a quick… Continue reading 2023 Hobby Roundup