Nuka Cola T-51 Power Armor

I’ve been seeing a lot of positive chatter around the forthcoming Fallout Factions miniatures game, including several folks in a hobby discord I’m in painting up power armor and other Fallout models. We have a large collection of mostly unpainted Fallout stuff from the other minis ruleset, Wasteland Warfare. Fortunately the models are compatible between games, and I’m looking forward to giving Factions a try this summer.

Seeing all the power armors go by triggered something in my mind, and I just couldn’t get the idea of the Nuka Cola branded armor out of my head. I dug through our collection to find the best canvas; it needed to be T-51, and the model holding the flamer had the best overall pose for showcasing some freehand logo text. We also own a 1/6 scale Nuka Cola T-51 figure, so I was able to use that for reference, in addition to game screenshots I found online.

My first pass was painting the model in clean and flat colors with the iconic Coke-like lettering. I went ahead and skipped most of the additional ornamentation, focusing only on the most immediately identifiable elements. It took me a few tries to get the lettering to where I was happy with it, but I managed in the end.

Once that was done, I added wear, texture, and shading by stippling some browns and greys to represent dirt, rust, and wear, as well as a bit of my original base colors to show recent chipping and damage breaking through. I then gave the whole model a thinned down brown wash to tie it all together. The end result was incredibly satisfying, and I look forward to doing more dirty and weathered Fallout models at some point.