2023 Hobby Roundup

I did a quick count of models I’d painted this past year using my phone’s pictures for reference. It’s possible I’ve missed some if I either scrolled past the picture or completed the project without taking a picture, although the latter is fairly rare. I threw it all into a spreadsheet and made a quick… Continue reading 2023 Hobby Roundup

Battletech Roundup

Over the course of this year I’ve painted a decent handful of Battletech mechs. I’ve been sticking to relatively simple schemes for the most part, and have been able to finish models quickly. The current plastic miniatures are moderate quality PVC models; while they look ok on the table top, I think I’d get frustrated… Continue reading Battletech Roundup

Monstrucker & Penthesilea

I did another couple of models for the DBS army over September / October. Both of them are cool ladies, and both of them ended up wearing white shirts, which is always a challenging color to represent well. First up is the Monstrucker: Next on the docket was the alternate Penthesilea, who is playing the… Continue reading Monstrucker & Penthesilea