Monstrucker & Penthesilea

I did another couple of models for the DBS army over September / October. Both of them are cool ladies, and both of them ended up wearing white shirts, which is always a challenging color to represent well. First up is the Monstrucker: Next on the docket was the alternate Penthesilea, who is playing the… Continue reading Monstrucker & Penthesilea

Ahsoka Tano (2nd)

I did up the slightly older version of Ahsoka, from the end of Clone Wars / start of Rebels era. I refined the hashmark highlights some from the Padawan version, but didn’t change up much else. The blue fluo paint doesn’t have quite the same luminosity as the green, unfortunately, and kind of washed out… Continue reading Ahsoka Tano (2nd)

Taowu Mastermind

I decided the next thing to paint up would be Taowu, a character model for DBS in Infinity. He’s a schemer and deceiver, and in this version, wears a very snappy suit. I was surprised when I got in there to realize just how many layers of clothing he has; he’s got the overcoat, a… Continue reading Taowu Mastermind