Druze Sniper & Grenadier

This weekend is my time to catch up on minis photo backlog! A while ago I also finished up a couple models for my Druze Bayram Security force in Infinity with a sniper rifle and light grenade launcher. The LGL model is from the old N2 era Druze box, and the sniper is using named character Knauf model. This version of Knauf is the one that was bundled with the Outrage comic book. Using Knauf as my Druze sniper always amuses me a little bit, since in the comic, he is hunting a sniper who turns out to be a sort of clone of himself.

Anyway, painting an older hand-sculpted model from the end of its print run (so the molds were starting to wear and some detail is not as good as it once was) next to a modern digitally sculpted model with really deep and sharp detailing was pretty stark. It ended up being kind of jarring, and wasn’t as efficient of a batch job as I was hoping for.

I’m still quite happy how both of these came out; with the sniper in particular, I’m quite proud of the shading on the back of the cloak. Getting a satisfactory appearance for black cloth is still pretty challenging for me.