This month’s main painting project was another X-Men member – Beast. I had a couple of false starts on this one; getting the right shades of blue required several repaints. However, I’m quite happy where I ended up. If I’m unhappy about one thing, it’s that the darkest shade of his fur has just a… Continue reading Beast


I’ve finished up my next X-Men model, Gambit. This one was interesting due to his forward-leaning pose. It really limited the surfaces that light strikes, so I mostly ended up putting most of the detail into his coat. I tried a different priming technique this time; I sprayed a highlight of white from a fixed… Continue reading Gambit

Battletech Roundup

Over the course of this year I’ve painted a decent handful of Battletech mechs. I’ve been sticking to relatively simple schemes for the most part, and have been able to finish models quickly. The current plastic miniatures are moderate quality PVC models; while they look ok on the table top, I think I’d get frustrated… Continue reading Battletech Roundup