2023 Hobby Roundup

I did a quick count of models I’d painted this past year using my phone’s pictures for reference. It’s possible I’ve missed some if I either scrolled past the picture or completed the project without taking a picture, although the latter is fairly rare. I threw it all into a spreadsheet and made a quick graph of my monthly hobby progress.

As you can see, my painting progress had a big spike in February, when I completed the 40K space bulkheads terrain set (I counted each wall segment as a model) and a big lull over the summer when stress and life got in the way.

I’ve started a better hobby log for 2024, and I plan on being able to better represent models both built and painted. I haven’t historically wanted to do complicated tracking logs, as the extra friction can demotivate me, but I think I put together something that should be fairly easy to use.