Journeyman League Week 1

Games and Stuff is running a Warmachine Journeyman league, and I will be building my Blindwater Congregation Gatorman army. I already own a number of the models I will need, although a few of them are already painted.

Here’s the battlebox-equivalent I’ll be using as the core of my force:

>Army Name: Calaban Battlebox
>Blindwater Congregation
>11+6 points, 3 models
>Calaban the Grave Walker +6 points
>* Blackhide Wrastler 9 points
>* Ironback Spitter 8 points
>Additional Rules
>Deploy 2 3″ shallow waters.

Of those models, Calaban and the Ironback Spitter are already painted. I’ll be working on the Wrastler starting this week.

I’m also going to start roughing out plans for the shallow water templates, as I’ve been doing recessed swamp bases, with plans to do use Envirotex Lite for water effects.