More Infinity Models

A brief recap of all the models I have painted for Infinity so far. This includes the Vanguards I posted back in January/February, and a number of other models I have done since then. For me, 7 models painted in a year is not half bad! And I may yet get one or two more done before December is done.


After starting on the other models, I decided I liked the look of the slightly darker armor better, and will be using that for everything going forwards. So these guys will always be strangely light-colored compared to everything else. Also, I have re-done their hair to be tinted a bit blue since the last pictures I took.


Not much to say about this trio. They all turned out pretty well.

Zerat Hacker:

This is one of my favorite models in the entire Infinity range. I really enjoyed painting it, and I am very happy with how it turned out.


I decided to paint the EI aspect models with the same black/glowing blue as I’d been doing with the bases. It ties them in in an interesting way, and emphasizes that they are not really of the same stuff as the rest of the army.