Operation: Icestorm Painting Phase 1

I was running Infinity demos at the game store this weekend, so I made sure to get my “core” Icestorm models painted.  3 LI and an HI for each faction does a good job of showing the basic mechanics of the game.

From Infinity
From Infinity
From Infinity
From Infinity

I painted basically everything with very simple solid color + contrasting wash techniques.  I even allowed myself a number of mistakes and did not go back and fix things up every time I got a dab of paint in the wrong place.  Even so, I paint pretty slowly and this still took me several multi-hour sessions.

Basic color recipes are included as a hedge against me losing my notes.


  • Armor – P3 Frostbite / P3 Exile Blue wash
  • Pants – P3 Hammerfall Khaki / P3 Bootstrap Leather wash
  • Mechanical – Vallejo Neutral Grey / Citadel Nuln Oil wash
  • Accessories – P3 Thornwood Green / Citadel Nuln Oil wash


  • Primary – P3 Khador Red Highlight / P3 Sanguine Highlight wash
  • Secondary – P3 Greatcoat Grey / Citadel Nuln Oil wash
  • Mechanical – P3 Bastion Grey / Citadel Nuln Oil wash