Map Generator #2

Added from last time, I created a second layer of the map that marks which cells are part of which contiguous region. Currently the only regions recognized are land masses and bodies of water. In the future I will most likely also define rules to recognize hilly and mountainous regions. The regions themselves are discovered… Continue reading Map Generator #2

Map Generator #1

After not doing any free-time coding for quite some time, I’ve started a new project. I intend to make a program which can randomly produce a high quality hand-drawn looking fantasy world map. As an example, I’d like output that looks something like this map. I have chosen to develop this as a Mac OS… Continue reading Map Generator #1

Ants Intro

Inspired by the brave explorers that found their way into my kitchen via means unknown, I’ve been working on a simulation of ants with their actions being based on the pheremone trails they leave behind. Given that I could represent their decision making process with a simple table of values, I decided to use a… Continue reading Ants Intro

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Project Creation

After making a few tracs and subversion repos by hand and having to do all the little things that need setting up to make things run smoothly (remembering to give svn trunk/tags/branches directories, setting up trac authentication, etc.), I decided to make a little shell script to do most of it for me. The script… Continue reading Project Creation

ICFP 2008 Final

Well, the [final results]( are up. We were disqualified in the 10th of 11 rounds. Judging by the results (but not looking at the actual map they used, even though they link to it), this one tested whether or not people’s entries correctly tracked and dodged martians. Ours ignored them entirely, of course. Counting places… Continue reading ICFP 2008 Final

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