RegExp Master

Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ) is an ongoing automated online programming contest site. They are presently running Open Contest 2008, which Dion and I have done some problems in. In order to compare our results, and so that we overdo one problem set rather than actually trying many, I have written a python script to allow… Continue reading RegExp Master

D Sample

I’ve been wanting to play a little with the D Language for a bit, so I finally did. After a bit of a false start by downloading the more experimental D 2.0 branch, I fetched the most recent version of the more sensible seeming D 1.0 line of compilers. As a little test, I wrote… Continue reading D Sample


I’ve been meaning to make a “pretty” implementation of an Xscreensaver hack for ages. It’s called “demon”, and it features a random grid of colored cells that end up in swirling color patterns. I finally got around to trying it out, and used it as an opportunity to play with Mac OS X’s graphics APIs.… Continue reading Demon

Demon Preview

In order to get Dion off my back, I am posting this screenshot of the next mini-project I’ve been working on. It’s an implementation of the cellular automaton from the xscreensaver module “demon”. A full writeup and code will follow.