I have finished painting my first TAG for the Combined Army – the Avatar. As the biggest and nastiest of the EI Aspects, I followed the same basic color scheme I used for the Charontid – shiny black with blue glowy stuff. Since I was working with such large areas and wanted to be able to get smooth gradients across them, I used the airbrush to paint much of this model. After a few tries, it was pretty easy to get the effects I wanted, and I will definitely be using this tool again on other large figures.

I decided to try another experiment, and the picture I took is an HDR image composited from several shots taken at several different exposure levels. It was a little work to get the tools set up, but it was a decent way to sidestep the usual problems with areas of shadow deep in the recesses of the model. Again, this is something I will probably be using again in the future. That said, this still isn’t a terribly great picture, and I’ll want to get another one with a proper backdrop and less glare.

From Infinity