Storm & Cyclops

I recently finished painting Storm for my X-Men force in Marvel Crisis Protocol. I’ve been doing all the models in a flat cel-shaded / comic book style, with color schemes based on the old 90s animated show, which I really loved as a child. The official model for Storm doesn’t match her costume from the cartoon at all, so I got a print of third party model sculpted by C27 Studio from Etsy.

I really struggled with this model due to how monochrome the color scheme is. I actually started this one in late 2021 but didn’t finish it until just today. In the end I’m quite happy with the colors, but this was by far the hardest model to get a good set of paints worked out for.

As I was taking the pictures for Storm, I realized that Cyclops had never gotten fancy lightbox photos, either. So here he is!

At a recent preview, AMG showed off a number of new X-Men models coming to MCP in the next year or so, including Professor X himself in a stylized hover-chair. I’m clearly not the only one with a lot of nostalgia for the old show. I look forward to continuing to paint these up from time to time, as it’s a very different experience than most models I do.