Stonecast Eternals: Dominion

Back in February, I randomly had the passing urge to paint some models like they were magically animated statues of some sort or another. This isn’t the first time I’ve had this thought cross my mind, and I shared it with some of my miniatures friends…

Oh no, I’m having the “magically animated statues” army project dreams again

Completely coincidentally, I then won a copy of the recent “Dominion” starter box for Age of Sigmar, which includes Stormcast Eternals – an army of humans in massive and impassive suits of armor. It’s not anything I’ve previously collected or painted, so it was a perfect opportunity to throw together a quick test to see how well the techniques I was envisioning would work out.

Thus, the Stonecast Eternals were born. By the end of April, I’d completed painting that entire starter box, and had traded with a friend to get the contents of the previous AoS starter (Soul Wars), and have those all assembled and ready to paint as well.

Without further ado, the photos:

Perhaps I’ll have another post in a month or two with the Soul Wars models as well.