Taowu Mastermind

I decided the next thing to paint up would be Taowu, a character model for DBS in Infinity. He’s a schemer and deceiver, and in this version, wears a very snappy suit. I was surprised when I got in there to realize just how many layers of clothing he has; he’s got the overcoat, a suit jacket, vest, shirt, and tie.

The model has a lot of detail without, in my opinion, becoming overly busy. The scultping is really nice, with both very pronounced features, like his big bushy eyebrows and the texture of hit overcoat lining, to incredibly subtly, like the creases in his forehead. I painted the entire coat lining red, but it’s hard to see that from most angles.

This model probably took me in the 8-10 hours range, and I’m very happy with the result. For a named character, I think this is a very reasonable amount of time, although I prefer to do rank-and-file models a little bit more quickly. As always, I found a few small errors while taking photos that I could go back and clean up, but I think I’m content to let him be.