Star Wars Shatterpoint – Padawan Ahsoka

For Star Wars Shatterpoint, I decided to play with styles a bit to see what I ended up with. I primed black, did a zenithal highlight with the airbrush, and then a quick quite drybrush to catch edges. I then did most of the basecoats with Contrast paints. This worked better for some than others in creating a natural shading effect, as they vary significantly in opacity.

Ahsoka, primed and drybrushed

I aimed for a fairly saturated set of colors, and then applied the highlights and shading with crosshatches instead of a normal layering or blending approach. This took a few tries to get right, and I’m still not 100% sold on the results. However, it turned out well enough overall, and I’ll try a couple more in this style to see if I can get a lock on it.

The final detail is the lightsabers – I painted them white initially, and then airbrushed them with fluorescent green to get a glow effect. It’s hard to photograph well, but under natural light, it’s very striking. I’ll definitely be doing the same for future models.