RegExp Master

Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ) is an ongoing automated online programming contest site. They are presently running Open Contest 2008, which Dion and I have done some problems in. In order to compare our results, and so that we overdo one problem set rather than actually trying many, I have written a python script to allow… Continue reading RegExp Master

D Sample

I’ve been wanting to play a little with the D Language for a bit, so I finally did. After a bit of a false start by downloading the more experimental D 2.0 branch, I fetched the most recent version of the more sensible seeming D 1.0 line of compilers. As a little test, I wrote… Continue reading D Sample


I’ve been meaning to make a “pretty” implementation of an Xscreensaver hack for ages. It’s called “demon”, and it features a random grid of colored cells that end up in swirling color patterns. I finally got around to trying it out, and used it as an opportunity to play with Mac OS X’s graphics APIs.… Continue reading Demon

Dice Rolling

To start with, I am going to retell the tale of some dice rolling statistics I spent time calculating circa October 2006. My demonstration code is in Python, because it’s fairly legible even if you aren’t familiar with it. ### Intro I like to play games, and playing games often requires one to roll dice.… Continue reading Dice Rolling