Painted Combined Army

I took a quick group shot of all of my painted Infinity. It’s mostly Morats. From Infinity The Charontid’s base is definitely too bright, and I will be glazing another layer or two of blue ink on there to get it back in line with the rest of them. Next up is some Icestorm!

Minis Painting in 2015

I’ve decided that in 2015 I’m going to do a better job of keeping up with painting my miniatures. I’m going to finish off the partially painted models I have, I’m going to paint at least one model every month, and I’m going to post pictures online. I’ve started a new painting thread on the… Continue reading Minis Painting in 2015

Avatar Update

I finally took some better pictures of my Avatar tonight. From Infinity From Infinity I’m still missing a proper backdrop, but this is a lot better than the blue one I used for Bloody Barnabas.


I have finished painting my first TAG for the Combined Army – the Avatar. As the biggest and nastiest of the EI Aspects, I followed the same basic color scheme I used for the Charontid – shiny black with blue glowy stuff. Since I was working with such large areas and wanted to be able… Continue reading Avatar