Sogarat Conversion

My latest miniatures conversion project: Sogarat HMG in a running pose. Apologies in advance for the crappy phone pictures. I’ll get a good set with my real camera at some point. Here’s the standard model: Kind of a badass, but also quite static. So for my second one, I decided to make the pose more… Continue reading Sogarat Conversion

Yaogat Weapon Swap

So that I can have a proper body double for my Lieutenant when playing with a Yaogat link team, I decided to convert my Boarding Shotgun Yaogat to another Combi Rifle one using one of the loose Combis I had left over from Daturazi. This was my first time using a Jeweler’s saw. Starting out;… Continue reading Yaogat Weapon Swap

Vanguard Infantry 2

I finished up the second Vanguard model, and I think I did a better job than the first. I had some issues with the varnishing and with the photography, but the model looks pretty good in person. I did a much more thorough job highlighting the model overall, and I’m quite pleased with how it… Continue reading Vanguard Infantry 2