Card Kingdom is running a Warmachine/Hordes Journeyman league, and I’m working on my Blindwater Congregation Gatormen again. The official Battlebox-equivalent starting force for this army is:

  • Bloody Barnabas
  • Blackhide Wrastler
  • Ironback Spitter

I’ve already painted up my Wrastler and Spitter, but I had never picked up Barnabas. That has been remedied, and he is now painted:

From Gatormen
From Gatormen
From Gatormen

Please excuse the terrible choice of background for those pictures. I seem to have misplaced the good backdrop sheets in the move. In retrospect, highly textured pale blue was definitively not the correct choice.

I’m planning on trying out Rask, the Bog Trog Warlock, once we reach the week where Caster swapping is allowed. To that end, I’ve acquired a unit of Bog Trog Ambushers and done some minor conversions so that no two are alike.

From Gatormen

I think the best arm swap is the one on the left side of the middle group, pointing his spear downwards. It was a pretty simple operation, but comes off as a very aggressive stance.

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